Saturday, February 13, 2010

iPad + iMac = Winner?

A few weeks ago I posted about the somewhat surprising success of the new iMac desktops. I was surprised because desktop sales had been trending down while laptop and especially netbook sales had been on the rise.

My explanation for that success was that people were buying netbooks and then opting for a desktop + netbook combination rather than netbook + laptop (which seems redundant).

I think we'll see a similar effect when iPad sales kick in - the combination of an iMac for the home office and an iPad for the rest of the house and out and about seems like a winning combination.

In my house I've got a Mac mini in my office with it's own monitor, another mini attached to my living room TV that hosts most of my media (photos, music, and some movies). I have a couple of old Windows laptops that I use around the house or out and about. I've been holding off buying a new laptop to see what the iPad could do and it seems to be a good fit for my needs.

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